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How to Advertise Your Blog On and Off Line

If you want to make money from your blog then you have to build traffic to your site. You can't just rely on search engine hits to attract visitors; you have to actively promote your blog. The more people visit your blog, the more of a brand you can build, and the more advertisers and affiliate marketers you can attract. Here are some suggestions on how to advertise your blog.
One way to build interest in your blog is to submit articles to article directory sites. These articles should reflect the content on your blog, and of course should be informative and well-written. Don't forget to include a resource box with your name, a few lines about yourself and your blog, and a link to your blog.
Another suggestion on how to advertise your blog is to comment on other blogs that have a topic similar to yours. You can have your name linked to your blog so that people who are interested can find it. Of course, your comments should have substance and be something that readers are interested in hearing or learning about.
Networking online is also vital in creating interest in your blog, so join e-mail groups and forums to promote your site. You can also promote your blog on social networking sites that you are a member of.
And of course, offline promotions are also important. You can include your blog's URL in your calling card and other advertising material.
So, now that you know how to advertise your blog, get busy promoting it so you can start monetizing your site.

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  1. At its core indeed we must prioritize the promotion of pro-active. The more we actively join the community, and visiting other bloggers, the sooner we are known by many audiences.

    nice article.

  2. It's true. We should be alert and active as companions say. community is also important to our blog. Indirectly, our blog will be known many visitors.


  3. Nice info my frenz..
    Thx for sharing :)

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    thank for info
    I know advertise to my blog on and of line.

  5. promoting our blog through community interaction or known as blogwalking was the best way of promoting a new blog. using cbox and shoutbox as a medium, so far this method never fails a blogger in his/her mission. using other mediums would be a second choice for blogger after gaining more knowledge through blogwalking.

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