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How to Use Body Language When Communicating

By  Sean J Williams

Body language was the first most basic form of communication that mankind used. It is also is the most widely understood form of communication that mankind stills employs to this day. Because it is such a simple and direct form of communication it is essential to understand the real basic points and usage of body language. We will go over a couple examples to show you how body language can be used.
When you want to be empathetic, let's say that you have bad news to deliver such as a death in the family you want your gestures, your non-verbal vibe to suggest the same. Moving closer to the person you are trying to comfort and tilting your body towards there's is normally a good way to communicate that. You can even go as far as to touch their arm or their hand, maybe even placing your hand on their shoulder. You want to communicate that you are experiencing their pain with them, and you want your body to show that connection.
Let's use another example - a business meeting or presentation. At the beginning of the presentation use your fingers to count each point your going to cover separately. Typically you will want to hold them out in front of you or you can touch each finger with your other hand as you verbalize the point. When you bring up the first item of interest or point in your speech, point to the first finger or at least make a gesture towards it or worth it. When you move to your second point, repeat the gesture. Be sure you use the same gesture throughout so that your audience doesn't confuse the points or falsely gives one point more importance than another based on your gestures.
On a side note: Most European's trained to use body language will start to count with their thumbs while most American's and British people will start counting with their index fingers. Interesting difference there that you can use to better observe and learn about your speaker though his body language, not only can you use body language to communicate but you can use it to learn things about others that they don't willingly tell you.

Blog, Updated at: Saturday, August 15, 2009


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