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The Uses and Benefits of RSS Feeds

RSS icons, the orange, square-shaped icons on many websites, have become pervasive throughout the internet. They are a convenient, time-saving tool, and those who are not using the feeds they provide yet should consider trying.
RSS (Rich Site Summary) is basically a way to deliver content to a user online. What makes it unique is that instead of the user going to different sites, the content is brought to the user.
For example, a person interested in basket weaving who regularly goes to multiple web sites to check if new information is posted could instead subscribes to RSS feeds from these sites.
By doing so, he or she can automatically receive updates whenever new information is posted instead of constantly checking the sites. It is somewhat like receiving instant email updates but does not have the spam and other problems email has.
How to use RSS
To use it, one first needs to get a feed reader (sometimes called a news aggregator). Since everyone has different needs, it is best to do a bit a research and check functions/reviews to find the best one. These programs are usually free and are either installed on a desktop or used from a web browser. Once it is setup, a person simply clicks on the RSS icon of sites of interest that offer feeds and subscribes.
Advantages or using feeds
Since they bring updates directly to the user, there is no need to go to multiple web sites, and the person can know almost the instant new information is posted. Also, the information can be tailored to the user's likes so there is less need to wade through stuff that is not of interest. People can receive exactly what interests them from multiple websites in one convenient location.
With everything from podcasts, blogs, news, video and weather available, they can offer something for everyone and save time.
They are also a great tool for people working collaboratively on an online project. With RSS feeds, everyone can know exactly when something new is added and what each person is doing.
Those who can use feeds
Feeds are easy to use and can be a great tool for most web users. However, for those who only visit a few sites regularly, like looking up sites and content or have constantly changing interests, they may not offer much value and not be worth using.
By automatically bring new content to users, RSS feeds are a convenience and time saver for most people though. They are likely to expand in use and features and become a service most all information sites will offer.

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  1. Mencoba mempelajarinya untuk segera dipraktekkan!

  2. my rss feed not functioning anymore. it won't update with my new posting. was there any solutions to make it work again.

  3. nuansa pena...
    semoga sob terus sukses dengan ilmu yang di kongsi bersama. Terima kasih juga kerana sudi datang kemari.

    Seri Bahasa...
    This problem usually happens to the blogger. Try to update your feedburner. And follow the step by step. TQ


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