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How to Use a Blog to Promote Your Home Business

By Katherine Nagy

Blogs have been around on the internet for quite some time now, and can be seen in a variety of forms and uses. What you might not realize is just how much traffic a blog can bring to your website.
Establishing a new blog is easy and free, with a wide variety of services available on the internet, the most common of which are WordPress and Blogger. While writing a blog post can be time consuming, it's worth taking the time to do it well. Offer some useful content or original thoughts, because the only thing that makes a blog worth reading is the content.
This means that you can't just use your blog as an advertisement billboard. If the only thing you mention are your great promotions and products, you likely won't receive any traffic. No one is searching the internet for your promotions, and the idea is to grab people's attentions and direct them your way, and the best way to do that is through content.
The goal for your blog is to increase your search engine rankings and drive any interested individuals to your site. This is why strong, unique content is so important - it adds value and relevance to your website, and in turn your business. As your search engine rankings move up, the traffic increases as well. It will probably take some time and work before your Google ranking establishes itself. Posting several times a week will help.
The first major benefit of using blogs to advertise your business is that they increase your website's search engine rankings. As you put more content on the blog, you increase not only the total amount of material linking to your business, but also how highly recommended it is by search engines, which is especially useful for small business niches.
The increased search engine rankings in turn increase the overall traffic coming into your site. People who find your blog useful will be likely to check again later to see if you have written anything else they like.
As your blog becomes more established, you will start to gain lots of targeted traffic, people who are directed to you by other internet users or search engines.
Most importantly, a well established blog can bring a lot of free publicity to your home business website. Use links to your advantage, and don't be afraid to mention your business after you've drawn in your readers with your outstanding blogs.
Katherine is a mother of two beautiful girls, a devoted student of personal development and a successful businesswoman in the direct sales industry. To find out more about how you can earn a great income, make friends for life, spend more time with your family, help people everyday and do this all while working from home, visit my website at Frontline Leadership

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